Portland Oregon’s Historic Downtown Churches – Part I

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There are so many beautiful historic churches in downtown Portland Oregon, and each one is unique. Today, I’m going to cover several of them and I will continue more in a future blog. It will be difficult to choose which one you want for your wedding, but you’ll know, because it will touch your heart!

Most churches are available for couples who aren’t part of their congregation, but some require that you must be a member of their denomination. Be sure to check out all of their rules (some have many).  Often the clergy of that church, will want to go through some couples counseling session/s, prior to the wedding, and that will be covered with his/her fee for services. In most cases, you will have to accept their pastor/priest and cannot bring in your own. Remember these are churches, not wedding venues.

Definitely, check out the Photographers Rules, because they will have restrictions. But, not to worry, if you have an experience Wedding Photographer, I’m sure they’ve been to that church before and know the rules. And they should be fully equipped with Telephoto lenses, that make them look like they were standing right in front of you.

All of these churches I’m showing you today, most have these rules.


Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, 147 NW 19th Ave., Portland Oregon


A beautiful church with an interesting history. Completed in 1906. Well know around Portland as the Church with Red Doors. This church is a big supporter of the arts.



Inside the cathedral it’s spectacular . The gorgeous Rosales Organ was installed in the 1980’s.

At this church they require one of you to be a member of this or another Episcopal church.


First Presbyterian Church, 1200 SW Alder, Portland Oregon

JA0686This church is open to the community, so you don’t have to be a member. They offer two ceremony and two reception spaces. This Victorian Gothic church was completed in 1890, one of the oldest in Portland. I love the hand carved pews and the pipe organ, incredible!



St Patrick’s Catholic Church, 1623 NW 19th Ave., Portland Oregon

St.Patricks Catholic Church, Portland Oregon

This church is one in which you must be Catholic or want to convert. St. Patrick’s was completed in 1891, with the exterior mostly made of basalt rock.  The interior frescoes are painted by Swiss artist, Prof. Staheli.  The church was dedicated to “To the glory of God in honor of Ireland’s Apostle, St. Patrick.”



Westminster Presbyterian Church,  1624 NE Hancock, Portland Oregon

Built in 1914, Westminster was one of the first churches in the NE part of Portland Oregon. A beautiful basalt church, with the amazing interior of  multi stained glass windows and beautiful wooden pews. The blue glow of light enhances of this church and your wedding.

Since it is fairly dark overall, make sure your photographer has the right equipment for a low-light wedding.

Weddings are only accepted on Saturday’s, you might be able to get it for a weekday too. I have attended a small wedding there on a Wednesday with only 10 people and it was a good experience. However, you might feel a little lonely. But if it’s your dream to get married in a special church, why not? This is the one.


Part II will be coming up soon and include a few more downtown churches, some in the hills nearby and on the SE side of Portland.

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