Columbia Gorge waterfall weddings

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Ever thought about having your wedding by one of Oregon’s beautiful waterfalls? Well you can and there are so many in this lovely state to choose from. Today, I’m going to write about one of the most popular, Multnomah Falls and a couple of other smaller ones nearby.

Multnoman Falls Lodge wedding

This couple had their wedding outside and their wedding reception inside the lodge. They have a lovely fireplace there and a couple of banquet rooms. First one is smaller and can handle up to 20 or so guests and the larger space, which is the main dining room, can be used, depending on the time of day or evening. Of course it’s an historic lodge with wonderful views of the falls right through the beautiful windows. Right outside the lodge is a set of stairs that go up one level to where the weddings take place and can handle around 50 or so guests. Keep in mind, that even though the area is roped off, tourists will come up to the rope and watch the wedding or just take a look to see what’s going on. So if you don’t mind that, you’ll have a great wedding with the magnificent falls right in front of you.

wedding at Multnomah Falls

Of course, there is lots of places to take pictures, you’ll have to fight for space on a summer day, but most tourists are more than happy to get out of the way,  temporarily, but don’t take too long they want pictures too. Also photos on the bridge are really beautiful and although you’re tempted to ask people to hold up so you can get a good photo, the rangers there will give you a good lecture. So if you’re going to do it, do it fast and have a telephoto lens for the best pic!

bride and groom at Multnomah Falls wedding

This was an April wedding, so the falls were at there heaviest, so beautiful, but it can get you misted. So if you’re worried about the hair or dress, do it after the wedding. Summer days aren’t as bad.

Multomah Falls wedding

Here’s happy bride, just had a great wedding. The rocks to the left are also great for pics, and there is a river nearby with beautiful stones and a great tunnel that’s reflective.

Next, the bride and groom decided to get married in November (taking a chance there) at Oneonta Falls. There is a small landing above the tunnel that is quite beautiful and would be great for up to 20 people who are all standing. Turned out to be a great day, but the rain came in later, luckily the wedding was done by that time. The tunnel below is also good for photos. Not many places to go for the reception nearby, except Multnomah Lodge, or over the Bridge of the God’s to Stevenson WA, where the are a couple of places that I will go into in another blog entry.

Oneonta Falls wedding

This couple wanted to go to one of their favorite falls, Sheppard Dell, a small falls, great for photos, not really suited for a wedding.

However, there is a park near Latourell Falls, Guy Talbot Park, which is really pretty one, it’s wooded with picnic benches and a cool crumbing house across the street. There is also a path from the park through the woods, that you can walk up to, to get to Latourell Falls.

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