Washington Park Rose Garden

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One of the most spectacular Rose Garden’s in the world! A beautiful place to spend a day or hold a wedding, or just relax and take in the beauty.  The Rose Garden was imagined as a test garden in 1917 to insure many varieties wouldn’t be lost to  World War I,  the garden  was dedicated in 1924. Over 8000 bushes and 600 varieties of roses to smell, view and enjoy the amazing colors, it makes it one of the most exhilarating experiences in Portland Oregon. Right downtown, on a hill, overlooking the city with some views of Mt. Hood as the backdrop, it’s a site to see. Here is the link should you need directions or need more information.


Dusty Pink Roses

Rose Garden Portland Oregon

Now, if you’re interested in holding your dream wedding there, there are several places to choose from. The most popular is the Shakespeare Garden courtyard. It gives you the private space you want right in the middle of the garden. Now keep in mind, you’re still in the middle of the garden, and people will peak over the walls and through the openings to check out your wedding, because everyone loves a wedding! But that shouldn’t be a worry, it’s only a few people who want to share in your joy.

Shakespeare Garden wedding

There is also the Gold Medal Garden, for the smaller wedding, with a water fountain and surround by roses. You can see it in the background of this picture (the taller structure). Now more people do walk around that area, but it’s great for that shorter, smaller wedding. There is also an amphitheater next to the garden, with a great stage and multi terrace stairs to walk down. Good for a larger wedding that’s close by to the Rose Garden.

Summer Meadow is near by, surrounded by Hoyt Arboretum, a smaller area, surrounded by trees and is remote and private.

Now, if you just want to come by for photos and you have not booked a wedding there, you are supposed to get a permit. Although, I have seen many brides and groom arrive, take photos and leave without anyone approaching them. Now if you have a big production, lots of photographers, videographers or a big family to photograph, you might draw more attention and might have to pay the permit fee.

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Here are some photos taken around the garden.

married couple surround by roses

under the Rose Arbor

Rose Garden

sculpture at the Rose Garden

a kiss and a rose

Most of all, go and enjoy this amazing spot, get engaged or married there, celebrate your life and your loved ones. It is definitely a place of memories.

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