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Southeast Portland


From the opulent flora of spectacular Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, to the Summer (and other) festivities surrounding the fun of Oaks Park (Oaks Amusement Park) and their Dance Pavilion, the city's Southeast division has something in the way of signature-Portland wedding venues for, really...anyone's nuptials.

Southeast has a semi-blue collar history which has morphed into the very essence of Northwestern diversity. There is traditional history to be found in the likes of (again...) Sellwood's Oaks Pioneer Church, just as there is the liberal-arts academia of Reed College. A little further east and you encounter the small shops, challenging traffic and what was once thought of as and the  hippie/radical "counterculture" (?!?) territory of the Hawthorne and Division Streets throughways.

Of some peripheral interest is the fact that you can get married inside a volcano in Portland's Southeast. Mt. Tabor and its surrounding Park. It's as unique as, well...Portland itself.