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It's not unusual to hear Columbia Gorge wedding venues described as "breath-snatching," "jaw-dropping," and (inevitably) "awesome," often in the same sentence. This auricular experience is made possible only because this particular belt of the Pacific Northwest is a nearly seamless flow of natural scenery which has elicited such responses for several hundred years. And while these sites--which out-lie as far as beyond Hood River--are obviously not truly in the Rose City, Portland Wedding Venues believes they fall within its psychic radius

Besides...in States such as Oregon, where there may be significant land area but perhaps only one true population center such as Portland, wedding venues from outlying areas must be visible to prospective  clients in that population center. Because of this, we have decided to make this section of the directory a spot for truly Portland-Oregon wedding venues by dedicating it to the various facilities which inhabit the magnificent Northwest passage known as the Columbia Gorge.

The Gorge is named, obviously enough, for the Columbia River which  carved this 80+ mile channel over a 12-17 million year period--with some extensive assistance from the notorious Missoula Floods which did most of the deepest carving around the completion of the last Ice Age. Along this strip, which forms the border between Washington and Oregon, Columbia Gorge wedding venues ranging from rustic to extremely elegant (and many with elements of both) can be found nestled in a panoramic palette of trees, immense cliffs and rock formations, and over 80 waterfalls (on the Oregon side alone).


Columbia Gorge Discovery Center -- presented by Portland Wedding Venues -- Photo of wedding couple is link to more information on the Center. Combine the 48,200 sq. ft. Architects Award-winning facility of Columbia Gorge Discovery Center with its 54 acre plot of compelling, Columbia River bordering flora, and you have one of the most elegantly rustic of wedding venues anywhere.


Portland Wedding Venues - Cape Horn Estate - wedding venue in the Columbia Gorge

The beauty of the Columbia Gorge lies within your reach. A panoramic backdrop of nature that provides an awe inspiring view for your event. Rustic beauty, historic charm, gorgeous views and a private saloon, all to make your event the best moment of your life at Cape Horn Estate.

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Portland Wedding Venues - a walk along the garden path for the wedding couple with Mt. Hood in the background

Mt. Hood Organic Farms is a unique, secluded, spectacular natural setting for hosting your one or two day weekend wedding retreat with gorgeous gardens and mountain views and a beautiful greenhouse for your wedding reception. 

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Portland Wedding Venues - fall wedding couple playing with leaves on their wedding day in the Columbia Gorge - woman photographer

Artful Images creative, imaginative and fun photography. Check out their beautiful photography. Covering Columbia Gorge, Portland, Salem, Mt. Hood and surrounding areas.

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