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 In an area as scenically blessed as Portland, wedding venues are seemingly everywhere and anywhere. And it's nothing but true. However...it must be noted that there are significant differences between scenic wedding spots and terrific wedding venues. Genuine Portland wedding venues are designed to handle a variety of different crowd sizes, food requirements, and entertainment needs within an atmosphere unique to their placement and constuction. By and large, they will host both the wedding reception as well as the earlier ceremony.

Still...not everyone wishes to wed where they'll later celebrate. Oftentimes, there exists a spot special to the couple which might never be a consideration for a proper reception, yet holds precisely the spirit desired for exchanging "I Do's" Such a place may be personally important to the bride and groom--where they met or agreed to be engaged... On the other hand, it might be somewhere a little quirky like the extinct volcano (that's right) which is pretty Mt. Tabor. There is something to be said for starting off marriage in a (former) fire pit...

Naturally, if you are considering any such spots for a small ceremony, you would do well to look into the possible need for permits or the like. Portland Wedding Venues suggests strongly that you consult your local Parks and Recreation, or other relevant offices prior to planning any event.

That being said, we also want to celebrate some of these would-be wedding venues as magnificant opportunities for Portland wedding photographers. Again, these might not be places which would serve for a full scale wedding, but they offer the possibility of genuinely intriguing, artful images of your Day--which is precisely the very best sort of wedding photography.