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As you may or may not have noticed on the Home Page, we at Portland Wedding Venues tend to think of Portland weather as almost a self-aware entity. A "player," we termed it--something a would-be wedding planner should prepare for with any wedding venue Portland offers by making contingency arrangements for a Wedding Day with a forecast for anything other than a completely sunny day, and with at least two other completely sunny days on either side of it.

"Portland weather"  is often a mere pseudonym for wet, to one degree or another. But, historically, there have been other monikers attached to it such as variable, densely overcast, variable, sly, sneaky, unpredictable, and even downright capricious. The bride seeking an absolutely "perfect" day for her wedding might be disappointed, or at least made more nervous than might be absolutely necessary, by "passing thunder clouds" which decide to  "pass" right over the heart of the most optimistically-selected of outdoor wedding venues. Portland, Oregon is notorious for this--be thee so advised...

But, hey...perfection is overrated, and there's an upside to all this talk about "passing clouds," and it is that Portland weather--especially from mid-Spring to mid-Fall--tends to be quick. Even in such unaccountably rain-magnet zones as Bridal Veil Lakes weddings are rarely more than inconvenienced for a brief period by precipitation. Besides, many Portland wedding venues offer some degree of shelter from inclemency of weather--but many is not all. Always check with a venue on this matter when first you visit it as one of your considerations, and make sure the specifics are written into your contract.

To follow the sometimes hourly vagaries of Portland weather, we suggest The Weather Channel, www.weather.com, and Weather Underground, www.wunderground.com/US/OR.html for their myriad statistics, graphs and effects maps. Locally, TV station sites www.katu.com, as well as www.koinlocal6.com and www.kgw.com will provide variable levels of information.

Of course, one may always go to the window and have a look outside. There are times when that is just as effective as anything else.