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When you stop to think about it, Portland wedding photographers are as much Portland wedding venues photographers as they are anything else on The Day. This makes excellent sense, in that one (amongst many) job of a competent photographer at a wedding is to garner images which reinforce, and in some cases actually establish memories of both the actual events and the atmosphere of the event. Doing so--generating some sense of a place's magic--can mean sometimes having to work a little professional magic of one's ownL getting some unusual angles of a boxy room and so on.

Luckily, such conjuring is unnecessary with the wedding locations Portland Wedding Venues offers its visitors. In these Rose City resorts, farm houses, restaurants, manors, gardens. and the like, Magic abounds. And the photographers listed below are the finest in the area in capturing it.

This is photography with a pulse...a feeling of festivity and love. It is photography which captures all elements of a wedding, from facial expressions to the overall character of the locale. These Portland photographers know weddings from the inside-out and are famous (and even award-winning) for their ability to make each review of the images seem like re-entering the actual world of the Wedding day, itself.



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Creative, friendly, and a calm influence on what can be a hectic day. We are Artful Images  Portland wedding venues, and the couples who marry at them, are never captured so beautifully as with our takes on the Day.  



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Every wedding is unique. That's something that PhotographersP ortland.com never forgets. Held in a rambling farmhouse in the shadow of Mt. Hood, or dead-center downtown, over a famous Irish Pub, all weddings have their Magic. Something else we never forget.