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 In their more than a decade of shooting together as Portland wedding photographers, the team members of Photographers Portland have worked at most every one of the fabulous venues seen on this Portland Wedding Venues site, plus dozens more in the area. We're familiar with venue lighting needs, their lovliest shooting locales and the like, meaning that we don't have to waste time sizing up the area on your Day. Our style is largely photojournalistic, with the exception, naturally, of the formal/group images, and we're a lot of fun to work with on a day which can be a tad stressful.

Photographers Portland is very affordable and offers packages or not, depending on your wishes--disks, prints, albums, tinting, toning, special FX... It's all your call. Oh...and we have very cool and (also) affordable Photo Booth capabilities.

It's been our experience that experience matters, which is why we emphasise--especially on a site more dedicated to Portland wedding venues than photography--our experience with so many of these ceremony and reception locations 

But...in the final analysis, you might as well simply allow our wedding photography to do our talking. And when it speaks to you...

Give us a visit at the link below and soon you'll have one more major item to check off your "Wedding - To Do" list. Not a bad deal...



Photographers of Premier Portland Wedding Venues since 1999