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Mt. Tabor


 OK...So having Portland Wedding Venues note Mt. Tabor as a wedding spot located in a volcano conjures up visions not usually...related to the event itself. But, for gain or loss, there is no roaring of tormented sub-strata, no vicious earthquakes or apocalyptic eruptions. There even exists a distinct lacking of any surging of magma as it races to the sea, enbracing and engulfing all luckless enough to lie in its path...

No...and, in balance, it's probably just as well there is none of that. In fact, there is not a whole lot about this Portland parkland, (which gives home to the city's <> reservoir), that suggests a Mt. Tabor's ever having possessed a history beyond anything other than being a largely tree-dotted Eden for runners, bikers, picnickers, and urban-bucolic-oriented couples wishing to have a an outdoor area with a splendid city view as their wedding ceremony locale.

Ah, but the 190 acres of Mt. Tabor are unique as a nuptial spot in Portland, or virtually anywhere anywhere else, for that matter. The "mountain" part of its name comes from it being--in complete truth--a volcano, however "extinct" its branding. That alone makes it an unusual, but certainly memorable, choice vor vow exchanges, even in a city where many of the vehicles sport bumper stickers commanding, "Keep Portland Weird."

Please visit the Portland Parks and Recreation website for more information on Mt. Tabor Park.