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PortlandWeddingVenues.com is a unique directory wedding guide, dedicated entirely to promoting and providing information on wedding and reception locations in Metro and Greater Portland, Oregon. It is an elegant, search-engine-friendly website, targeted to the thousands of searches which are made locally, specifically for "Portland wedding venues."

Listings on this website are limited exclusively to local venues. We do not accept outside, non-venue listings.

All listings on PortlandWeddingVenues.com are equal. Inclusion in the directory features four separate listings: Home Page, Location Page, "Type of venue" Page, plus a custom Brochure Page devoted entirely to you for only $400 for your introductory year. See "Crystal Springs"


 For First-Time associates we offer a Special Rate of only $400 for the listings mentioned above. This is a savings of $100 on what is already incredibly inexpensive and effective (First Page of Google) web-based promotion.

Portland wedding venues in SE. Near Reed College. Spectacular gardens, waterfalls and fountain.Beautiful wedding location in Portland's residential metro area.

This is an example of the first part of a standard listing. It appears on one of the 3 Location pages (Metro Portland...) About 25 words of copy and a photo link to the customized "Brochure Page" appear in this space.

Crystal Springs Brochure Page                 


Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden. Portland wedding venues. Portland Parks. Wedding location. Portland Metro. rododendron garden. Outside event facility.

 Example of Home Page listing linking directly to client Brochure Page. This Sidebar ad is in addition to the Essential Listing, above. There is no copy attached with this Homepage listing.


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for our primary keywords.

is the least expensive, proven-effective, internet
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available to the local, Portland venue market.


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Copy and Photo Requirements



Copy for Essential Listings should run about 25 words for the Portland Metro or Surrounding Portland Page, and approximately 150-250 words for the customized Brochure page. Copy should feature information as to whether you are an indoor or outdoor (or both) facility, number of allowable attendees, whether or not catering is furnished, etc.--in addition to an overall description of your venue. Copy may be edited by Mishel Creations to fit space or page optimization requirements, etc. You may choose to have Mishel Creations compose your copy. Please contact us for rates.


Jpeg photo images should be pre-sized to fit ad constraints.

Essential Listing on Portland Metro or Surrounding Portland link page requires a jpeg image of 72 dpi, sized to 250px(w)/167px(h). Your Brochure landing page may feature up to 5 images, each with a maximum size of 500px(w)/333px(h). These images require 72 dpi.

Home Page Premium Listings: A Sidebar Ad requires a 72 dpi jpeg, sized to 200px(w)/150px(h). A Center Ad requires a 350px(w)/150px(h) jpeg at 72 dpi as well.


Thank you for your interest in PortlandWeddingVenues.com

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We believe we are the future of  the Northwest's wedding advertising business.

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This website is part of the Mishel Creations Wedding Network. It is locally owned and operated by Portland photographers, Shelley and Michael Leyland--in Portland since 1996. 




 PortlandWeddingVenues.com, like the Web itself, is an ever-evolving directory and wedding-planner entity. Changes in search-engine algorithms--which alter the criteria utilized by search-engines to determine page ranking--occur at irregular intervals and without notice. Thus, we reserve the right to make changes to PortlandWeddingVenues.com at any time, for any reason. Also, the order of ad positioning may be rotated, from time to time, in order to provide all advertisers more equitable visitor viewing potential. This may be done at the sole discretion of PortlandWeddingVenues.com All advertising is for length of time designated. There is no pro-rating. There are no refunds. Ads may be removed for good reason at any time at the discretion of PortlandWeddingVenues.com.Thank You.