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Portland Wedding Venues - beautiful 1800's chapel overlooking the Willamette River with stained glass window   Portland Wedding Venues - The Hallowed Halls - weddings and receptions in SE Portland OR    Portland Wedding Venues - the historic Overlook House wedding and reception venue with views of the Willamette River   Portland Wedding Venues - Tumwater Room for weddings and receptions in Oregon City

Portland Wedding Venues - Cape Horn Estate in the Columbia Gorge - Skaminia WA - weddings and receptions   Portland Wedding Venues - McMenamins for wedding ceremonies and receptions - Portland - Troutdale - Tigard - McMinnville    Portland Wedding Venues - Jumping for Joy at Anderson Lodge   Portland Wedding Venue s- Battle Ground Community Center - SW Washington

Portland Wedding Venues - Wonser Woods Estate for wedding and reception

Portland Wedding Venues - Hostess House in Vancouver WA

Portland Wedding Venues - Paragon Restaurant, elegant dining in downtown Portland Oregon

Portland Wedding Venues - wedding ceremony at Scholls Valley Lodge - Hillsboro

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Finally, we've got a new BLOG, here is the link. A great place to talk about and visit venues throughout Oregon. 

Here we are with sunshine...at last...the absolute prime time for investigating Portland Wedding Venues for that perfect 2018 or 2019 wedding location. Spring is invigorating for these venues because the Sun grants a special sparkle to the estates, farms, manors, parks, and all the many rest of the locales which grace PortlandWeddingVenues.com.

As you will read, below, we are here at Portland Wedding Venues to assist you with one of your most important wedding day decisions: where to hold the event. Here, we endeavor to render this decision a bit easier by providing you with photo and copy information on the best Portland wedding locations to be had in and around the upper end of Oregon's Willamette Valley.

Added to this year's site is yet another method of selection: by Types of Portland Wedding Venues. By popular request, we have separated the  listings for Portland incredible Hotels, Ballrooms, Churches, Golf Courses, Estates, and Gardens, Museums, Ranches & Farms,--along with the city's best Restaurants and even Breweries and Vineyards and Urban locations as well as Rehersal Dinners or Parties to render your search time shorter and your wedding planning more precise.

So Many Portland Wedding Venues

There are two simple truths about Portland wedding venues: There are a lot of them, and they are some of the loveliest and most romantic places to get married you can find on this planet. They're sleek, chic, rugged, cool (even frozen), rocky, rural, urban, Hot(!), elegant, charming, movingly lovely, weird, and even extinct. It's why so many couples, nationwide, have chosen the Rose City as their knot-tying destination. These locales are found spread into the massive shadow of nearby Mt. Hood, or overlooking the verdant riverlands following the Columbia to the sea. They are dead center in the street-car heart of a bicycling town. Really, they are just about everywhere in Greater and Metro Portland, wedding venues which speak to all the character, distinctiveness, and downright uniqueness of this Northwest Oregon city.

There are, indeed, so many wedding venues Portland offers that it can get a little mind-numbing when it comes to selecting just one of them.

Which is why we've developed this Portland Wedding Venues information directory, to offer time-conserving clarity to anyone trying to research and choose amongst the embarrassment of riches "suffered" by this area in the realm of lovely places in which to be married.

Using this Wedding Venues Directory 

PortlandWeddingVenues.com is a wedding planning aid dedicated virtually exclusively to Portland wedding venues. You won't find caterers here, nor jewelers, dresses, planners, nor string quartets. What you will find is immediate and visual information on the best of all the fabulous ceremony and reception wedding locations in and near this Oregon city.

These are the Portland hotels, restaurants, country clubs, estates, vineyards, even an amusement park which are virtually perfect matches for your Great Day. They form also an association of distinctively "Portland" wedding locations, each offering the flavor of an environment quite different from the national chain "experience." In this directory, for instance, a ballroom is something with its own character and personality--not merely a "multi-use" box. And a garden? These gardens are not thin lines of flowers, but often many acres of differing flora and various mysterious, romantic wending paths. In other words, they're the real Deal.

 Divisions of the Portland Wedding Venues Directory

Your guide is sectioned into five major divisions. In Metro Portland Wedding Venues you will view the incredibly varied wedding locations in Portland, itself. Downtown and the Pearl District for the good eating and night vibe and the bounce of streetlights off sometimes rainy asphalt...or a sunny ceremony set against a thousand rhododendrons in a setting which invites one to forget that a major city actually continues to pulse beyond its borders. Its boundaries are the North Portland, Northeast, Southeast, Northwest, and Southwest districts of PDX.

Greater Portland Wedding Venues covers the city's surrounding area, roughly from west as far as Hillsboro, to Troutdale. Altogether, cities such as Boring, Gresham, Lake Oswego, Tigard, Tualatin, Beaverton, Oregon City, Newberg, McMinnville are covered here.

Portland Wedding Venues - Columbia Gorge is our latest directory addition. It covers a realm stretching into some of the stunning highlands (and low) lining the route of the Columbia River, past Corbett, Bridal Veil, Multnomah Falls, Cascade Locks, Hood River, The Dalles, and a little beyond...though still not very far from the city limits of Portland. Oregon wedding venues in this district have an almost unfair advantage in that they exist where the liquid line between OR and WA has sculpted some of the most jaw-dropping scenery ever to be absorbed by the human eye and brain.

And...to round out the wedding planner process, at least sofar as venues are concerned, we have broken down the directory members by Portland Wedding Venues Cities. This allows for arrangement along actual municipal peripheries.

The wedding locations in Portland Wedding Venues have come to us by our invitation--one based often on the positive experiences we have enjoyed, working with them as wedding professionals, ourselves. Within a venue's Information Pages, you will find a number of lovely photographs of the interior and exterior of the site along with details regarding its indoor and outdoor capabilities, seating capacity, amenities, and offered services such as catering. There are also links to individual Portland Wedding Venues web sites as well as contact information.

The Wedding Venue is Important...Why?

You know, indeed we all know about location, location, etc. From real estate, to where to land a space probe on Mars, location is always a prime consideration. Wedding venues are no different. Where your wedding is held will set the tone, the mood of the event, like a sort of visual background music.

 In fact, the right locale can do much of the heavy lifting when it comes to generating a wedding's Magic--particularly in retrospect. After all, what is remembered about such events? The couple. Her dress....

And the wedding location: the environment, the feel of a room...the spectacle of a view...one smudged, Summer sunset seen through a half-full wineglass at a reception on a downtown rooftop. Snow...for a day, on seemingly all the world, upon a Northwest alp...

These, too, are remembered keenly. To the extent that, perhaps, in the end, it is truly the wedding venues Portland, Oregon provides such lucky couples which are set to memories most of all.

Great Locations are Everywhere

And Portland is flush with such places. Where you expect them. And where a wedding venue might come as a complete surprise.

Do you like the idea of a grassy meadow and lush vegetation but you want to stay in the city? Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden, in SE Portland, is only about 15 minutes from the center of downtown. Still, its wending paths, waterfalls, and, of course, rhody displays sometimes come as close to Alice in Wonderland as they do to the metro area.

Then again, might you yearn for a vast, rambling, historic estate home set in a lawny landscape of massive trees and hazelnut orchards. If such is your desire, Portland-close Aurora's Heritage House Farm and Gardens fits it to a veritable tee. It sits in the middle of so much, yet almost an entire world away from everything

Or what about fun but decidedly different? Well, consider tying that knot right on the Willamette River at Sellwood's Oaks Amusement Park. Say "I do," then say "buckle us in" and get whirled round six stories of Ferris wheel, or spin and twirl (and spin and twirl, and spin and twirl...) on a selection of other rides at this genuinely unique historical park. And, if you think the wedding alone is sufficient whirling for one day, there is now a miniature golf course the equal of any which has been added to the already delightful venue. Take to the links after you link. And revel in it. It's a sort of "vanishing Americana" which is ever more rarely experienced in cities.

These are, of course, but a few examples of Portland's potential for diverse wedding experiences, but they give notice of the sort of "signature" environments/atmospheres which are available throughout the Rose City.

Your Portland Wedding's Portland Weather

Tangentially aligned with all of the above is the subject of Portland Weather. Weather is always a player in any discussion of a wedding in Portland. Oregon venues throughout the State often pull double duty--even on just one day--as indoor and outdoor wedding venues. Portland, Oregon venues have been known to pull that off simultaneously, as it has been known to rain at times--in the Spring, particularly--during periods of intense sunlight... What's there to say? If you're not getting married on a mid-Summer's day with zero clouds in a 500 mile radius, there's generally at least a chance that Portland weather and your Portland wedding will acknowledge each other in some way.

There are New Wedding Venues Sites

Now, one-of-a-kind though the Portland wedding location environment may be, we are forced to concede that not everyone wishes to marry in the Rose City environs. So...Portland Wedding Venues is thrilled to announce the formation of our sister websites for those couples seeking a visually captivating locale--and appropriate ameneties--for their Big Day: Beyond Portland Wedding Venues connects you with wedding venues sites in our network for Eugene, Salem, and the Oregon Coast. It is our expectation that this will provide wedding planning information for people seeking a top-flight venue on Oregon's internationally-popular coast, or a little deeper into the Willamette valley, that this site provides for those of you marrying in Portland. 

About the Blog

The Portland Wedding Venues Blog is now in effect with lots of information on where to find your perfect venue to get married. Along with that are tips and ideas to help you plan your fantastic day. www.portlandweddingvenues.com/blog


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Portland Wedding Venues - Oaks Park weddings at the historic Dance Pavilion or along the Willamette River

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